Medical Transportation

We have a large fleet of ground ambulances in Spain and Portugal that allow the transfer of patients in a safe, fast way at the most competitive rates on the market. According to the patient’s location and requirements, MRI Assist can provide a transfer by ground or air ambulance. We have available conventional ground ambulances, Basic Vital Support (BVS) ambulances, and advanced vital support ambulances (AVS) all of which are approved by the European Union and comply with all regulations and quality references.

The transfer could be by conventional ambulance, or an intensive care ambulance which comes equipped with a Cardio Monitor, defibrillator, oxygen, incubator etc.  We have a team of highly qualified specialists guaranteeing at all times compliance with regulations.

Ground transport would be used to take a patient to hospital, to transfer a patient to another hospital, or to transfer a patient to the airport for a Medevac or repatriation by commercial flight or air ambulance to another city or country.

Medevac and Repatriation:  We organise the medical transport, coordinating with each of the participating services in order to avoid any mistakes which could cause distress to the patient as well as incurring extra costs.  We arrange land and air transfers in Spain and internationally.  Our efficient work provides confidence and security.  The air transfers can be by air ambulance, helicopter or on commercial flights, with the aim of transferring the patient to a better hospital or repatriating to the patient’s home country with or without a medical escort.

We arrange tickets on commercial flights:  We can arrange flight reservations for patients and their family members thus avoiding extra worries at difficult times.  Currently the majority of our repatriations are with commercial flights which are easy to coordinate and low in cost.

We arrange hotel reservations:  In general these are reservations for the families of patients who have been admitted to hospital.  We have a network of hospitals which are suited to the needs of patients, their families, and medical escorts, according to the requirements of our partners.

Repatriation of mortal remains:  We have suppliers with extensive experience in these matters, who will deal with all the necessary arrangements in a very professional way.  We guarantee above all a dignified treatment.

Medical information:  Our operations team is able to provide advice regarding the performance of the health system in our work area.

Transfers by taxi:  The transportation of patients and their relatives can be arranged rapidly and securely by our fleet of taxis.  We have wide range of taxis available appropriate for any situation, with professional, personalised attention.  This service can be offered to the insured, relatives and medical escorts.  In most cases we can give an estimate of the cost of the service if required by the client.

Social health management:  Translations, legal assistance, help of all kinds, accompaniment of patients and their family members.  Our multilingual team offers help to relatives and patients alleviating the stress caused by the health problem.  Our personnel are experienced in dealing with patients and their families, and offering help during a stay in hospital.

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