Medical Assistance

MRI Assist has a wide network of medical collaborators and own doctors that allow us to provide the best medical care to foreign patients.

We work with the best hospitals in the areas where we are present, guaranteeing each patient excellent professionals and a multilingual staff to provide excellent medical service.  
Don´t  hesitate and call us. We have a multilingual operations staff who will be happy to help you and give you the best solution.
Guarantees of payment:   We offer our partners the possibility of guaranteeing on their behalf the costs of the medical services provided, as well as monitoring and evaluating those services.

Cover of medical costs: MRI Assist can guarantee the cover of the medical costs to our clients' policyholders. In the case of outpatient visits, house call or visits in medical centers / hospitals, and hospitalization.
Medical reports:  To keep our partners informed regarding the progress of their patients, we contact the hospital staff in order to monitor the treatment provided by the hospital or for other purposes such as repatriation of patients. We try to keep daily patient information up to date and when required we can also translate these medical reports.

Evaluation and monitoring:  Our medical team has extensive experience in the evaluation and monitoring of the medical attention given to our partners’ clients.  Each case is tracked, checking the tests and treatment given to the patient.  We monitor the case until the file is closed, at all times keeping our client informed.

Medical visits: Currently MRI Assist is a leader in the management of medical visits for Spain. Medical teams are available to travel to wherever the patient is located (hotel or apartment etc.) We have multilingual medical professionals.  If the patient needs to go to a medical centre or hospital we consult our network of suppliers according to the situation. We provide a 24 hour service.

Teleconsultation is available: Contact Us. We will tell you how to proceed.You can obtain a diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, evaluation of treatments in patients with pre-existing health problems, etc. A fast, effective and efficient service.

Dental visits:  We are able to arrange visits for dental treatment, and have a network of dental clinics ready to solve any problem.

Psychological Assistance:  In cases of stressful or traumatic situations, bereavement or natural catastrophes, we can arrange psychological help for victims.

Second opinion:  MRI Assist has a wide network of doctors and medical centres which allows us, when necessary, to obtain a second opinion whether because of a suspected medical error, or in order to seek alternative therapies, confirmations of diagnoses, or for other reasons.

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